Wright's Auto Trimmers
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We offer a full range of services from minor cigarette burns and torn panels to fully customised retrims in a wide range of materials. We also repair and retrim motorcycle and scooter seats and offer a foam sculpting service to lower bike seats to meet customers’ needs. In addition to seats we also recover door cards, repair / renew headlinings and custom make bound carpet sets. We also fit convertible hoods and can replace rear PVC windows on many vehicles including MX5 and MGF models. All jobs considered, if you have an enquiry please feel free to contact us,¬†we’d be more than happy to help.

Services We Offer:

  • Repairs
  • Retrims
  • Foam Sculpting
  • Recovers
  • Hood Fitting
  • PVC Window Replacement
  • Tailored Services

We Can Work On:

  • Car, Van & Boat Seats
  • Motorcycle & Scooter Seats
  • Door Cards
  • Headlinings
  • Carpet Sets
  • Convertible Hoods
  • PVC Windows